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It’s salad season. Here’s my go-to salad dressing. It’s fast and easy to make, nutritious, and super delicious. It’s also extremely versatile: you can use it as a dressing or use less water and put it on chicken, rice, sandwiches, or wherever else you might try a sauce or spread.

Throw the following into a blender or hand mixer

  • ¼ cup Braggs (or tamari)
  • ½ cup tahini
  • 2 Tbs rice vinegar
  • 2 Tbs oil (I typically use olive)
  • 1 small dried chili pepper, cut into smaller pieces (remove seeds if you want to reduce the spice level)
  • 1 tsp sweetener (I use honey; you can use stevia, but use a lot less than 1 tsp if you do)
  • ~½ cup water (for dressing; use less for sauce/spread)

Blend on high for about 30 seconds.

This lasts for about a week in the fridge. It will thicken and settle, so you may need to add more water and shake it before each use. I store it in a small Mason jar to keep this simple.

Enjoy 🙂

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