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New classes start this week

Another 8-week session in downtown Peterborough starts this week. Classes are $120 (including HST). Drop-ins are always welcome, and fees are pro-rated if you join the remainder of the class. First-time drop-ins are $10. Register for 8 weeks & get 50% off drop-in to other classes. Visit www.balanceatwork.ca/classes for details.

  • Workday De-Stress: A gentle Hatha series that targets the areas of the body that suffer most from prolonged sitting but will leave anyone feeling relaxed an energized. Before-work, lunch-hour, & after-work classes. (40-45 minutes; formerly “Office Worker Yoga”)
  • Mid-week Recharge: A hump-day lunch-hour flow class to give your body and metabolism a boost. (35 minutes)
  • Create-Your-Own Yoga Class! Custom-tailored yoga for you & your friends! Choose the style you want, how long you want to practice for, and when you want your classes to take place… they don’t have to be the same each week!
  • Private and Semi-Private Lessons: For those with unusual schedules or who are seeking extra personal support. Private and semi-private sessions are available for 30 to 90 minutes. Book 4 sessions and receive 10% off.

10-class Passes

Perfect for those with an irregular schedule or vacation plans, or who want to take more than one class each week. 10-class passes offer more flexibility by allowing you to take any class and expire 3 months after their first use ($125, including HST).


I offer Reiki treatments at the 360 Wellness Clinic. Reiki is hands-on, non-manipulative energy work done fully clothed on a massage table. It can be extremely relaxing or extremely therapeutic, depending on the intention you bring to the session and what your body/mind needs at the time. The Reiki practitioner channels “rei ki” (a Japanese term often translated as “universal life energy”) from his or her hands into the client, and the client’s body uses the energy in the way that it needs it at the time. As such, the Reiki practitioner is not a healer, but a conduit for healing energy.

Reiki has helped me physically and emotionally over the past couple of years, and I am excited to be able to help others in this way. Visit the 360 Wellness Clinic’s website to learn more and book a session.

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