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Yoga’s not for everyone, but just about anyone can benefit from it. The huge variety of styles to choose from can be overwhelming. Different styles suit different needs and approaches to fitness. Here are a few of the more common…

Hatha: “Classic” yoga with hundreds of poses aimed at stretching, strengthening, and balancing the body. Ranges from beginner to advanced.

Flow/Vinyasa: A faster-paced practice that focuses on the connection between breathing and movement (which is true of all yoga styles but can be more pronounced in this style). Provides an excellent full-body cardio workout.

Kundalini: A style aimed at unblocking the complete flow of Prana (life force) through our bodies. Uses meditation, movement, and chanting to stimulate the body’s inner energy. Can be quite vigorous.

Yang-Yin: A class that starts with some Flow to loosen up a stiff body and then moves into Yin to bring deeper stretching and relaxation. A great way to let go of your day.

Yin: Generally gentle stretching in which poses are held for several minutes to allow the stretch to shift from   the muscles into the tendons, ligaments, and fascia. Yin uses a lot of yoga blocks to support the body in a position to allow the body to stay relaxed while holding a pose. Can be quite challenging but a great way to slow down the body and mind and leave the practice feeling deeply relaxed.

Restorative: Super-gentle stretching with lots of support from pillows and blocks; think Yin with pillows. Great for people recovering from injuries and those with chronic pain or limited mobility, but truly relaxing for anyone.