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Guest post by Reviews.com (Facebook: @reviews.com)

Creating your space
One of the best parts of practicing yoga is the ability to make space and time for yourself. Between work, school, families, and whatever else life throws at us, we can lose ourselves quickly. Luckily, Yoga has a magical way of forcing you to find a space and a time for you.

Your space might be in a studio, surrounded by 30 people, or might be alone in your own home. No matter where it is, make the effort to make it your own.

Creating your space at home –
Your home can be a really wonderful but really distracting place to practice. You might think the comfort and quiet would help, but suddenly you are in downward dog and notice a cobweb you missed when dusting, and suddenly your entire focus is shifted. Luckily there are many resources on how to create your own space like this one or this one. The main take-aways are to de-clutter, focus, and find a way to distance yourself from the thoughts and anything distracting that revolve around the home. Dedicate a space and find a way to make the space purposeful.

Creating your space in the studio –
If you are in a studio remember to focus on yourself and yourself only. You can easily get wrapped up in watching others, which can quickly become a competition. If you are practicing in a studio, take a moment to close your eyes and center yourself, and remind yourself why you are there and what you want to get out of your practice. After a while, a shared studio space can quickly become your space.

Center of it all (your mat) –
No matter where you are, one thing will remain constant – your mat. It’s important to take extra care in choosing the base for your practice, as it will truly be the reminder of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what that practice represents. The perfect mat is different for everyone, but begin your search for the perfect mat here. Things to consider are comfort, cost, and of course preference.